SLA Threatens to Pull Roam’s Liquor License

The SLA is not very happy with Roam right now.
The SLA is not very happy with Roam right now.Photo: iStockphoto

Flatiron nightclub Roam can’t seem to stop the bad news. Two men were shot outside of the 19th Street venue last October in an allegedly gang-related event, and the club has repeatedly tangled with the SLA, recently letting the deadline for its latest fine slip by. DNA Info writes that Roam is in danger of having its liquor license revoked if it doesn’t get its act together and pony up the $3,500 it owes the State Liquor Authority for “unauthorized renovations.” And this is just the latest in a string of $17,500 worth of fines, ranging from noise violations to use of unlicensed security. Could Roam go the way of Touch, and would that be such a bad thing? [DNA Info]