San Francisco’s Best Barbecue

The ribs at Town Hall.
The ribs at Town Hall. Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Barbecue is the new pizza, as one food writer friend recently said to us, and it’s true that there’s been a bit of a barbecue renaissance happening in cities across the country. Thus today Grub Street brings you our national Big-City Barbecue roundup, and even though most people are going to try to tell you that San Francisco isn’t much of a barbecue town, we want to call your attention to our Bay Area picks. Little did we know there are some excellent ribs and brisket lurking around right under our noses these days. We’re big fans of the newish Smokin’ Warehouse BBQ in the Bayview, the BBQ-inspired dishes at Wexler’s, and the ribs at Pican in Oakland to name a few. We also make room for the Korean, Japanese, and Cantonese-style stuff too, given what a huge role Asian cuisines play around here. And yes, we know, Bo’s in Lafayette is awesome; we just decided to keep things a little more urban, given the theme. See the slideshow here.