Saia Restaurant Group Stakes Claim on Sunset Blvd.

More sushi for Sunset?
More sushi for Sunset? Photo: Evil Tom Thai via Flickr

The Sunset Blvd. space that briefly housed Puma’s Social Club pop-up, on the same block as BLT Steak, is being taken over by Saia Restaurant Group, according to posted ABC permits for liquor licenses and permits posted on The Sunset Towers location. Fort Lauderdale has a popular sushi restaurant named Saia, the kind of flashy, techno-driven sushi restaurant that would fit into The Strip, making it the most likely candidate to arrive here. Meanwhile, the owner of the business is named as Samuel Aroutiounian, who may very well be the managing director of one Platinum Rye Entertainment. Stay tuned as details emerge.

Saia Restaurant Group, coming to 8730 W. Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood.