Ruth Reichl Is Writing a Food Novel Set During WWII

So, like "Band of Brothers," but with sandwiches?
So, like "Band of Brothers," but with sandwiches? Photo: Marcqui Akins

In addition to joining Gilt Taste as editorial advisor and recently taking an editor-at-large position at Random House, Ruth Reichl has been working on some new, nonfiction books, including a cookbook based on her occasionally koanlike tweets. In addition to all this, there have been rumors for years the former Times critic and Gourmet editor has been chipping away at a novel. After returning from a New Hampshire artists’ colony last year, the Observer reported her novel-in-progress would be called Delicious!; Reichl had previously said the book was “not really” food-related. Today, she sets the record straight for Haaretz: “I’m writing a novel that is very much about food,” says Reichl. “It’s set in two times: today and in World War II. WWII is a particularly interesting time for food because the food was rationed and it was like a huge social experiment in this country.” [Haaretz, Earlier]