President Obama To Target Hollywood Players Next Month at House of Blues and Fig & Olive

Can't the rest of us just get an affordable taco summit?
Can't the rest of us just get an affordable taco summit? Photo: MediaJorgeNYC via Flickr

President Obama is coming back to town on September 26th, which will surely turn our traffic into another major O-Bummer. But rather than just court big-money Democrats at Tavern again, this time he has a two-tiered plan, one for the peasants of Hollywood’s pecking order and another for the elites. Let’s take a look.

The Hollywood Reporter announces that Obama will first appear at West Hollywood’s House of Blues at 4:30 P.M. to rock out at The Steel Panther show speak to $250 ticket holders, who can also pay $10,000 for a photo with the President (at that rate, we’ll probably never again witness a moment like this). Following that, The chief exec will head to every Hollywood heavy-hitter’s new favorite Italian, Fig & Olive, where guests will pay $17,900 to witness a Q&A; with The President.

The appearances are meant to court the rich Hollywood crowd. Even though, despite the ruling misconception, the majority of Los Angeles does not work in the entertainment industry, they’re probably the only ones with any money left, seeing as they live in a world where pitching a Smurfs movie 30 years too late still gets you paid.

Obama is apparently expecting these entertainment honchos to help him get re-elected, considering they helped him raise $40 million during his first successful run. This year alone, CAA employees have donated $111,900 to his campaign, and surely Dreamworks, Disney, and Sony will have to pony up more than that if they’re to gain an inch in the perpetual pissing match we call Hollywood.

Unless you’re one of the few Americans with an actual job, expect this to be the real Carmageddon and steer clear of the road.

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