Pequod’s Pizza Has a Great Week

Yep, that's Pequod's logo.
Yep, that's Pequod's logo. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

Every time we turn around, it seems like someone is releasing a new numbered food list. (Not that we know anything about that.) Last Friday Serious Eats unveiled The Eight Best Pizzas In Chicago with a corresponding slideshow. None of the picks were particularly shocking, but it did manage to show Chicago’s range: all-organic tomato pie from Great Lake gets a mention, along with a sausage deep dish from Lou Malnati’s, and the caramelized pan pizza from Pequod’s. But what should we make of Food Network’s 50 States, 50 Pizzas list, which reduces our pizza scene down to one representative? Usually when this happens, the critics go with Great Lake, but Pequod’s cheese pizza actually ends up with the crown for Illinois. It’s not a bad pick by any means, but mostly we’re just confused why anyone would order a cheese pizza there. Don’t they know that Chicagoans get sausage on their pizzas? Either way, congrats to the pizzeria. Still, we’d like to use this opportunity to point out that Pequod’s is due for a new logo. [Food Network, Serious Eats]