Pasta Party in Central Park

Sure, it's made in Iowa and upstate New York, but it's still Italian!

So, according to some Nielsen study, Americans stopped eating pasta around 2004 when we got too fat, then we started eating it again in 2010 when we got too poor. Personally, that sounds about right. But just in case you're not totally back on the carbo bandwagon yet, be aware that the Barilla company is going to find you, give you a Spaghettata-to-go kit (with pasta, sauce, lettuce, olive oil, and vinegar), invite you to an Andrea Bocelli concert in the park on September 15, and remind you that (despite that San Marzano uproar) not all ingredients need to be made in Italy to celebrate Italian cookery. The Barilla invasion has already started on busy commuter street corners in the city and will officially hit Central Park September 13 through September 16, with free food, kid stuff, that Bocelli concert, and a whole lotta sauce. [NYT]

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