Obama’s Uncle Needs Someone to Drive Him to Better Bars

Photo: istockphoto

President Obama’s half-uncle Onyango Obama was recently arrested in Framingham on suspicion of DUI. But we have a bone to pick with his chosen watering hole.

According to the Globe, the elder Obama (who blew a .14) was arrested in front of Framingham’s Chicken Bone Saloon. This is the Chicken Bone’s second dalliance with infamy: A couple of months ago, it was filmed for an episode of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue, a kind of booze-infused Kitchen Nightmares, in which a doomed drinking establishment undergoes a makeover. It’s not 100 percent clear whether Obama was actually drinking at the saloon or if he just happened to be caught in front of it; even more unclear is how he managed to fail three field sobriety tests after having, as he claimed, “only two beers.”

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