Not So Sweet News: Tasty Baking Co. Announces Layoffs

Tastykakes Photo: Tasty Baking Co.

Flowers Foods might’ve saved our beloved Tastykakes, but as a result of its acquisition of Philly’s iconic snack-cake maker, it’s not looking like such a sweet deal right now for some employees. The company announced that it’s eliminating as many as 32 positions at Tasty’s HQ in the Navy Yard, the Business Journal reports. “Overlap and redundancy in office functions” caused by the merger between Tasty Baking Co. and Flowers Foods was the reason given for the layoffs. The good news? The 668 or so employees left at the South Philly baking and sales facility will keep marching forward, as Flowers continues pushing Tastykakes in new markets in the South and West. [PBJ]

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