Nigella Lawson’s Nooks and Crannies

And for dessert: Nigella's bubble-bath recipe.
And for dessert: Nigella's bubble-bath recipe. Photo: Photo-Illustration: Mary-Louise Price; Photos: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images (Lawson), Camerique Archive/Getty Images (Bath

The good news is that, at 51 years old, girlfriend looks good. The bad news is that voyeurism is probably not what Nigella had in mind when designing her seven-bedroom mansion in London’s Chelsea with husband Charles Saatchi. Neighborhood spies tell the U.K.’s Daily Mail that owing to a construction miscalculation, there’s a clear view into NL’s private bathroom, a gourmet peeping Tom’s delight, somewhere on the excitement meter between a plate of dry toast and the royal wedding cake. “It is, I am told, easy to see why Nigella has been called a ‘goddess’, but there is a downside: alarmingly, Saatchi can also be spotted on occasion.” One nasty bit or another, it’s certainly Sunday roast for stalkers! [Daily Mail UK]