More on Motorino’s Recently Sunk Williamsburg Location

Looks straight in the photo, anyway.
Looks straight in the photo, anyway. Photo: Marcelo Gomes

Today the Post follows up on Motorino’s sudden shuttering in Williamsburg, which you’ll remember happened because the building housing the pizzeria is sinking. (The tabloid calls the building Brooklyn’s “leaning tower of pizza,” which, nicely done, Post.) So, not a whole lot of new information on this one: Motorino owner Mathieu Palombino says he needs to put the restaurant “in a better place, a concrete and brick place.” (We know a diner space that will be available soon, if you’re interested, Mathieu.) Most interesting is a third party — “an architectural engineer whom the landlord had earlier hired to inspect the building” — telling the paper that the city “went overboard” in demanding that the building be vacated. Neighbors aren’t so sure, though. One is quoted as saying, “Don’t drive down Devoe Street, the building may fall on you!” Well, it still might; there just won’t be pizza all over the street if it does. [NYP, Earlier]