Milk Burger Finds a Fan in Anthony Bourdain’s Wife

Not a MilkBurger, but close.

You remember Milk Burger, right? It’s the little burger spot in Spanish Harlem that set up shop by not only passing off a stolen Shake Shake burger photo as their own, but also facsimiles of Shake Shack’s menu, website, and general aesthetic. And you’ll recall that the whole thing was really just the work of an errant intern? In the latest, hardly believable chapter of the Milk Burger saga, Ottavia Bourdain, wife of Anthony, was apparently hungry last week. This happens. With no Shake Shack in sight, Bourdain ordered some Milk Burger and tweeted about it. As a result of Bourdain’s 18,000 followers on Twitter, Milk Burger owner Erik Mayor now says business is suddenly skyrocketing. "There are people who wouldn’t normally come to Spanish Harlem rolling up in a Mercedes-Benz," he tells DNA Info. "When I ask them ‘Where did you find out about us?’ They’re like ‘I found out from Ottavia.’" We’ll be more impressed when a motorcade creeps down Second Avenue and Michelle Obama stops by for one of your "Guac Burgers." [DNA Info, Earlier]