Mexicue Expanding; Tacombi’s Trucks Getting Close

Colorful taco trucks ahead: Grab your shades.

Taco truck fans: Your moment is now. Mexicue sends word that it’s not only opening that second brick-and-mortar location (on Forsythe between Broome and Grand, September 8), but it’s also rolling out another tangerine-orange truck "later this summer." Expect that to possibly roam "Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, Columbia University, NYU, and lower Manhattan" (notice they don’t say midtown), and maybe even your birthday-etc.-party-whatever — i.e., it’s available for events. (See fun video of how those dudes roll over on The Feast.) Evidently, both Mexicue trucks need christening: If you have ideas for names, post ‘em on Facebook, tweet them with the hashtag #mexicuenames, or e-mail And speaking of brightly colored taco trucks, we checked in with Fonda Nolita owner Dario Wolos about the fleet of Tacombi vans he’s planning. Wolos tells us he just got his third VW in from Mexico; the second two are yellow and green, and before it gets cold he’s hoping to install one of them at a permanent space in the Flatiron and one in Williamsburg. [Earlier, Earlier]