Towns Benefit From Meals Tax; Yes, the French Get Flabby, Too


• Pesky, perhaps, but the revenue generated from Massachusetts’ meals tax has a positive effect on many communities. [Globe]

• Oh la la: With increased urbanization, immigration, and less interest in cooking among the young, the French are getting fat, too. Le payback? [NPR]

• New USDA data shows more than 1,000 farmers markets have cropped up nationwide over the past year, a 17 percent increase. [USAT]

• The verdict is still out on whether Baby Mozart does anything, but it might actually be important to eat good food while you’re pregnant: research shows what you’re consuming could shape your child’s taste preferences later on. [NPR]

• If you’re trying to lose weight, whatever you do, don’t listen to your stomach; it’s a big old liar that has little idea when you’re actually full. [NBC Washington]

• Now that the açai berry is totally over, there’s a new miracle cure on the scene: the sea buckthorn berry. [NYDN]

• Introducing the U.K.-based energy drink called (drumroll) Pussy. We believe the meaning of that word is a bit different across the pond? [HuffPo]