M. Wells Weekend Feast Update: Expect Melted Cheese, Caviar

It's not over yet at M. Wells.
It's not over yet at M. Wells. Photo: Patrick Siggins

The Friday- and Saturday-night feasting continues as M. Wells approaches its shutter date at the end of the month. Grub Street learns that tonight’s feast will center around that Swiss tradition of melting wheels of cheese, known as raclette. This gooey goodness can be accompanied by “pickles, potatoes, poached eggs and charcuterie (such as aged ham from our good friend and cure master Sam Edwards in Surry, Virginia) … and mushrooms,” plus wines from the cellar, says an e-mail from the diner. Tomorrow night’s repast centers around blinis, caviar, smoked fish, champagne, and vodka served on blocks of ice, from the Dutch Kills guys. Again, there’s one seating at 8 p.m. each night, and dinner is $200 all inclusive for food, drinks, and service. Call the restaurant or e-mail write@mwellsdiner.com to reserve a spot. [Earlier]