Le Dîner en Transparent Raincoat

The unstable countdown to le Dîner en Blanc.
The unstable countdown to le Dîner en Blanc. Photo: Dîner en Blanc

The Facebook page for Dîner en Blanc continues to put out fires from lunatic impassioned attendees, but can it stop the rain? Guests gearing up for tonight’s festivities are freaking out about the weather, but the 1,000-person Parisian food rave will go on, no matter what, no matter where (the secret location is still under wraps, and the suspense is not killing us). However, the all-white attire? Won’t that be un petite probleme in the rain? Taking this under consideration, the organizers told Grub Street to bring “a white, clear or tan umbrella” and are enthusiastically pushing the transparent raincoat. Right. Because crazytalk looks best in see-through Burberry. [Zagat Buzz]