Le Bernardin Must Really Want Those Michelin Stars [Updated]

Maybe he snuck in?
Maybe he snuck in?

Oops! The supposed Twitter feed of a New York Michelin inspector tweeted a mere hour ago, “What an incredible dinner at Le Bernardin last night. The best in years.” Here’s the problem: Le Bernardin is closed for renovations until September 9 — and has been since the first of the month. (If Madame or Monsieur Michelin had looked at our Restaurant Hiatus Guide, they would have known this.) So either Eric Ripert & Co. opened especially for the inspector, or this Twitter feed is, as the French might say, la merde. However! We can tell you that starting tomorrow, Le Bern will begin taking reservations for October.

Update: The Michelin feed deleted the offending tweet and has now made the timing a little more vague: “What an incredible dinner at Le Bernardin recently.” Meanwhile, Ruth Bourdain has begun #PredictingMichelinGuideNYTweets. Suggestions so far: “It’s about time In-N-Out came to New York. Just had fries ‘animal style’ at the new NYC location,” and “Elaine’s never disappoints. Great seeing the irascible Elaine Kaufman doing her schtick. A living legend.”

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