L’Asso Ropes an East Village Location; Morini NOT Planning Pizza

Remember this?

Admittedly, the pizza scene in the East Village is just a tad crowded, what with the last remaining Motorino, Artichoke, and all those dollar-slice joints, but that doesn't scare the owners of L'Asso. That's right, the folks behind possibly the city's only deep-dish pizza and that delightful pizza-pinup calendar are expanding to the EV "in the coming weeks," reports DNA Info. The 85-seat space will have more in the way of "menu items other than pizza," plus wine and beer. With the location on First Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets*, we anticipate more than a little confusion between this spot and undersung pizza-slinger Luzzo's, just up the block.

And speaking of pizza below 14th Street, don't expect it at Osteria Morini. Despite some teases, a rep tells us any news promising this is a "sham": "Just to clarify, we are not putting a new oven into Morini, and the current oven does not get hot enough to make pizza in. So all of the pizza chatter is unwarranted ... Michael just likes to eat pizza — specifically pizza with meatballs." But, waah, so do we! Pouty face.

L'asso to Stake Claim in Crowded East Village Pizza Market [DNA Info]
*Correction: The location is between 6th and 7th Streets, not 7th and 8th Streets.