La Feria De Nopal Kicks Off Saturday, Now With More Ryan Seacrest

La Feria de Nopales
La Feria de Nopales Photo: Juan's Restaurante

Look, let’s face it. You can buy a giant Sculpin IPA at BevMo or score a Stone collaboration at Whole Foods and basically save yourself $40 and a tank of gas this weekend. But you’re probably not going to make cactus tortillas yourself. The Glutster reminds us that this Saturday, La Feria de Nopal takes over Juan’s Restaurante in Baldwin Park from 12:00 to 8:00 with tons of cactus-infused flavors, a few bands, an appearance by OG taco truck foe Gloria Molina, and yes, Ryan “Supergringo” Seacrest might even be in the house. [The Glutster]