Knife-Wielding Man Tazed at Santa Monica Place Dining Deck

Looking sharp...
Looking sharp... Photo: Kyle L. Marsh via Flickr

We’re not big fans of Santa Monica Place’s new food court ourselves, but one patron took his criticism way too far this month. In early August, SMPD tased an intoxicated 30-year-old man who was carrying a knife and causing a disturbance on the Dining Deck (apparently in Santa Monica you get tased for this, whereas in Westlake, you get shot). The incident follows a banner summer for criminal behavior popping up at Santa Monica restaurants, which, so far, included a million-dollar jewel heist at Veggie Grill, a horrifying assault at O’Brien’s, a similar tazing incident at Arby’s on Lincoln, and some wayward groping at Copa D’Oro. Suddenly, Whitey Bulger looks like a model customer. [SMM]