Keller Will Take the French Laundry to England

We bet he makes a mean Beef Wellington.
We bet he makes a mean Beef Wellington. Photo: Courtesy of Bouchon

News circulated a while ago that Thomas Keller was planning some sort of pop-up restaurant with Harrods. And now we know it’s going to be a re-creation of the French Laundry, to fittingly be called the French Laundry at Harrods. Keller tells the Evening Standard that he’s going to replicate the French Laundry “as faithfully as possible” — so get ready to see that famous blue door. Here’s the key thing to note: The pop-up restaurant is only going to be open for ten days, starting October 1. They’ll serve 70 people each day for both lunch and dinner. But if the fact that the paper has to, hilariously, describe Thomas Keller as “California’s Heston Blumenthal” for its readers is any indication, maybe it won’t be such a hard reservation to score. [Evening Standard, Earlier]