Juice Press Has Plans to Hit the UES

Smoothies and more coming to 62nd and Third.
Smoothies and more coming to 62nd and Third. Photo: Jenny Miller

It’s been only a few months since the Juice Press (home of the $18 $15 smoothie) expanded to both 10th Street in the East Village and FoodParc, and now Grub Street learns the juice and smoothie shop is headed uptown. (What did we tell you about how juice is one of the few profitable industries left?) Co-owner Jake Vainer let slip that he and his partners will open a shop at 62nd street and Third Avenue around the end of the month. It’ll be bigger than the original 1st Street shop, he says, which is a relief since the Zen-inducing effects of cold-pressed sweet-potato juice are sometimes negated by the stress of trying to squeeze inside that location during the rush on Saturday afternoons. Also, in case these recent Vita Coco lawsuits have you concerned that coconut water is bogus in general, Vainer reassures us that the stuff they get is imported directly from a crop of certified organic coconuts in Thailand, and it’s all not mucked up with preservatives like that crap Rihanna’s been promoting.

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