Johnny Iuzzini Has a Lot to Digest

Pastry chef having "plumbing" issues.
Pastry chef having "plumbing" issues. Photo: Johnny Iuzzini

Johnny Iuzzini may be ridding the world of constipation, one Activia at a time (who is handling his endorsement deals, an old man on the prune juice?), but on a more serious note, his weekend home — of which he recently professed his love to GQ — was hit pretty hard by Irene (which is not funny). He tweets: “So we survived that damn hurricane. We evacuated to my cabin in the catskills thinking we were safer there. Unfortunately that area was hit hardest. We lost power, water, phones everything. Both generators failed. Tons of flooding and trees coming down so had to make our way back into the city.” Let us know if we can help … but on the home front only, buddy.[Food-News, Johnny Iuzzini/Twitter]

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