John Turturro Wants You to Enjoy Your Spaghetti and Sauce

More than meets the eye.
More than meets the eye. Photo: Iole Capasso/Squeezed Heart Productions

John Turturro and wife Katherine Borowitz have a very nice kitchen with lots of light and wrap-around cabinets in heart of Park Slope. Borowitz, an actress, is a member of the Park Slope Food Coop. He’s Italian, she’s Jewish, so there’s most often herring and Parmesan in their fridge. Together, they like to eat at some places where movie stars go, like Bar Pitti, Antonucci, and Il Buco. When not eating out or battling Transformers, however, Turturro likes to put together some simple spaghetti with raw tomato sauce. “When you do something for not a lot of money and it comes out really well and you can eat well,” he tells the Wall Street Journal, “that makes life worth living.” [WSJ]