Jerry Remy’s Needs Help Naming Their Roof Deck

The man, the legend.
The man, the legend.

Jerry Remy’s isn’t just expanding with more pubs. The chainlet is expanding upward, too. The Fenway branch is adding a roof deck, slated for completion in three weeks. There’s just one last hurdle: They need a name.

Remy’s put out the call on Twitter that they’re looking for suggestions. Jason Santos cast a similar plea when opening his new restaurant and ended up with Blue Inc., a write-in from a devoted fan (and so named, of course, because of Santos’s signature blue mane). The buzz undoubtedly helped.

Remy’s doesn’t need the publicity, but that won’t stop us from grasping at a few suggestions of our own. So, what kind of name really says “Fenway rooftop bar masterminded by local sports legend”? Batter Up? (They could serve a special menu of deep-fried items.) Home Plate? (Maybe they could offer a wholesome smattering of Remy’s family favorites.) Hmm … clearly, we’re striking out. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer up your ideas! Any thoughts? [JerryRemysGrill/Twitter]

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