Jay-Z Tips Big at Scarpetta; Jennifer Garner Hits Napa Valley Grille

Think Hova paid over $250,000 for this hat made from real wookie fur?
Think Hova paid over $250,000 for this hat made from real wookie fur? Photo: Everyskyline via Flickr

Jay-Z went from big pimpin’ to big tippin’ this week, as Eater reports that the rap mogul celebrated the release of a new album with $250,000 in champagne at Scarpetta. Just to prove further that money really ain’t a thing, Mr. Z threw a $50,000 tip on top of it! Strangely, Scarpetta wasn’t missing an entire staff the next day. In other celebrity-stalking news, Mark Wahlberg caught lunch with Freddie Roach of Wild Card Boxing at Ago and Jennifer Garner dug into a burger at Napa Valley Grille. For more in L.A. celebrity dining habits, see below.

Ago: “Markie Mark” had lunch with Freddie Roach, the boxing coach who helped train the actors for The Fighter. [People]

Beso: Eva Longoria is getting the white in before labor day, heading to a shoot at her restaurant with Mario “Slater” Lopez. [Just Jared]

FreshEast: David Arquette was in the house this week, eating yakitori beef. [GS]

FreshEast: Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were also at the restaurant, and we bet it was hilarious! [People]

Houston’s: Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend went to lunch. Is that a mumu she’s wearing? [Celebrity Gossip]

Napa Valley Grille: Jennifer Garner grabbed a burger while chowing down with some friends at lunch. [GS]

Scarpetta: Jay-Z left a $50,000 tip at his birthday party because, well you know, money ain’t a thang! [Eater]

Susan Feniger’s Street: Joe Jonas was macking on more than just the kaya toast, if you know what we mean? Eh? Nudge-nudge… [Hollywood Life]

Urth Caffe: Stacy Kiebler hugged some guy who was not George Clooney leading everyone us to suspect all kinds of horrible things that she gets up to when George goes out of town. [Dail Mail UK]