Isa Looks Pretty Lumberjack-y, After All

Isa's target customers.
Isa's target customers. Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

It seems that Isa, the latest one from Peels and Freemans’ Taavo Somer, has been open for the last week or so. The menu from former Il Buco toque Ignacio Mattos is “still in development,” according to Eater, though sardines and squid are reportedly being served. Despite rumors that this one would be “some kind of hippie place,” we’re taking back our admonishment to retire your lumberjack plaid: As this photo of stacked split logs adorning the place shows, your flannels should actually fit right in! Somer tells T that the spot’s rustic look “speaks to that part of us that longs for something real, organic, dirty and alive”; eh, now that does sound like some kind of hippie talk to us. [Eater NY, T, Earlier]

Isa, 348 Wythe Ave., at S. 2nd St., Williamsburg; 347-689-3594