Is Lion on the Menu for Next Week’s Gastronauts Dinner?

On the menu?
On the menu? Photo: iStockphoto

Blogger I8NYC tweeted a link to the cryptic photo of next week’s Gastronauts supper club event at the Burger Guru in Williamsburg. The society of stunt eaters and testicle connoisseurs are at it again, serving alligator strip steak, kangaroo meatballs, and an entrée billed cryptically as “Mystery (Roaaaarrrr) Sliders, with fries.”

The Burger Guru already specializes in weird game and assorted critter patties, so lion sliders would be de rigueur, but controversial: When an Arizona restaurant announced it would serve lion tacos earlier this year, it of course resulted in violent threats leveled against its owner. Of course, “Roaaaarrrr” is a pretty nebulous clue. Maybe those Gastronauts meant to write “raaagh, raaagh,” and plan on serving fillet of dungeon dragon.