Is Diet Coke Shallow?

It is what's on the inside that matters.

As evidenced by Tom Colicchio, Karl Lagerfeld, and the 200 countries that gulp it down 1.7 billion times each day, Diet Coke is a benchmark of cool. But is America’s favorite diet soda getting a little caught up with external appearance? Over at AdWeek, they say that, "The usually press-release-happy folks at Atlanta headquarters are playing this one surprisingly close to the vest, sending out cases of the new Diet Coke to ‘trendsetter[s] in the fashion and design world,’ according to the accompanying card, but saying little else publicly." Coke exec William White told them in an e-mail: “Fall is all about new looks and new energy, making this a great opportunity to give the Diet Coke can design a refreshing uplift that celebrates the season.” So, is soda the new cocktail dress? And, more pressing, do they not think Grub Street is chic enough to sip the new stuff? [AdWeek]

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