Irene Is the Ultimate Wedding Crasher

Crazy Aunt Irene was definitely not invited.
Crazy Aunt Irene was definitely not invited. Photo: Robert K. Chin

Bubby’s in Brooklyn, hard-core Zone A, has had to cancel two weddings for the weekend. “The brides were really upset, as were we,” said a staffer. “But they understood that there’s nothing you can do when it comes to natural disasters.” Bubby’s will allow the brides to reschedule their weddings “whenever they want, with no extra charges.” As for the rest of their weekend endeavors, they plan on moving whatever food they can to the Tribeca location, canceling all bread and produce deliveries, and hiding at their respective homes with rescued pie. “Whatever we do, there’s still probably going to be so much waste; it’s really upsetting,” they tell Grub.