Dean Poll: ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’

But it looks so tranquil from here.
But it looks so tranquil from here. Photo: Courtesy of Central Park Boathouse

Not only are striking Central Park Boathouse members adept at whipping up restaurant guides, but it seems one of them is actually a relative of Boathouse operator Dean Poll. The Observer has it that Poll fired a cousin of his, Chrissy Makris, after she called in sick one morning, on a day in June that happened to be the day before workers were scheduled to vote on whether to unionize. Makris is claiming she was canned because she supported unionization. We rang up Poll, who denied the cause had anything to do with unions. “Her work was inferior,” he told us. “She didn’t show up one day; she never called. … My cousin wasn’t working out. We put her in the restaurant, then we moved her to the bar outside.” As for Makris’s current participation in the strike, Poll shrugged, “They’ve recruited every person who was let go.” He points out that Makris is a distant relative, “the daughter of my father’s cousin,” whom he had never met until he hired her as a favor to her father. “It just makes me think no good deed goes unpunished.” [PolitickerNY]