Hollywood Caterer Jack Lee Throws Shark Fin Into His $100 Lobster Eggroll

A stash of shark fins
A stash of shark fins Photo: Ellenm1 via Flickr

After Jonathan Gold dropped his recent plea against the sale and consumption of shark fin in restaurants, you’d think the food community might finally get on the same page. Apparently, Hollywood caterer Jack Lee of Chinoise Cuisine doesn’t read The L.A. Times or just doesn’t give a damn, as Reuters reports this chef is introducing a $100 lobster egg roll as an option for his star clientele. The egg roll employs Maine lobster, julienne baby carrots, shiitake mushrooms, taro root, and an infusion of raspberries, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sevruga caviar, plus of course, shark fin, to deliver an indulgent, endangered bite to his clientele. He better hope Jessica Alba doesn’t take a bite out of him first. [Reuters]