Hester Street Fair Heads to Bendel’s for Fashion’s Night Out

Suchin Pak.

Grub Street is a fan of the Hester Street Fair, but if we didn't live five blocks from Seward Park we might not be such regulars. Well, now it seems uptown and fashion-y sorts will be able to experience the fair without schlepping down to the lower Lower East Side. This video from LocalBozo checks in with Hester's Suchin Pak, who reveals that the fair will head uptown to Henri Bendel for Fashion's Night Out on September 8. So, picture it: empandas, arancini, and paletas on posh Fifth Avenue — we like the direction this street-food trend is going. See the video below.

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Hester Street Fair Founder SuChin Pak: A LocalBozo.com Interview [LocalBozo]