Head of Nestlé Is ‘Skeptical’ of Organic Food

Only inorganic ingredients can create that crunch.

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, chairman of the board of Nestlé, is in the doghouse with a lot of organic eaters. In an interview with Fast Company, Brabeck-Letmathe blows off the organic-eating movement as trendy and rather stagnant, even though Nestlé recently acquired Skinny Cow and PowerBar. His dismission doesn’t sit well with the wheatgrass-sippers over at Civil Eats, who fire back: "First, he claims that organic farming is a luxury; secondly, that it doesn’t produce food that’s any better for you; and finally (and much worse) that organic food can kill you." Game on! If a Butterfinger fought trail mix, it’s tough to say who would win. [Civil Eats]