Will You Dine at Harvard Square’s Enormous Panera?

Panera CEO Ron Shaich: Master of the Universe
Panera CEO Ron Shaich: Master of the Universe Photo: CNN

Well, will you? Harvard Square’s been corporate for some time, but nothing underscores this change quite like the enormous, behemoth, two-freakin’-story Panera that will open there this fall.

The chain replaces quaint stationery shop Bob Slate, which closed after 75 years in business. But things aren’t all sad: At least this Panera sounds kind of, well, nice: ““It will be looking over the libraries and the gates and Harvard,” the Globe quotes one Panera staffer as saying. The shop will also offer table service, eliminating those awkward exchanges with grandmotherly cashiers who really want you to go for the apple, not the chips.

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