Grocery Workers Reject Proposed Health Benefits; Spices May Fight Fatty Foods

• 90% of the United Food and Commercial Workers union have rejected the proposed health care benefits offered by Ralph’s, Vons, and Albertson’s. This means we’re getting close to a strike folks! [SCPR]

• Spices with tons of antioxidants, like turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, and paprika, may counter the effects of high-fat foods, a study suggests. [NYDN]

• The FDA food-safety law passed in December is proving tough to implement, with problems like salmonella outbreaks and contamination still frequent. [NYT]

• It’s much worse in China, however, where recently 120 were sickened and 11 killed by vinegar tainted with antifreeze. [HuffPo]

• Fair Food Network founder Oran B. Hesterman has a new book outlining his movement for sustainable foods to flourish. [LAT]

• The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was a surprise guest at a wedding in upstate New York. How romantic. [Consumerist]

• Looking for important dates in taco history? You can probably do better than this list that starts with the founding of El Cholo and omits 30 years from 1949 until the founding of Amigo’s. [Journal Star]

• The Gorbals, Cafe Was, Gyu-Kaku, and Red Medicine were voted as some of the best late night spots in the country by users of OpenTable. [PR Newswire]