Go Ahead and Cancel Any Market Plans You Had for This Weekend

Yeah, this isn't happening.

Ah, weekends in the city: sleeping in, reading the Times, perhaps a trip to the market. Errrr, rewind; scratch that last part. Grub Street has received word that pretty much every market you might've had your heart set on traipsing over to this weekend will, in fact be closed. Hester Street Fair is taking the day off tomorrow, so forget about stocking up on pupcakes. New York City Greenmarkets will be closed tomorrow and Sunday, so better hightail it over to Union Square to catch the dregs of today's market now. And every iteration of the Brooklyn Flea is also going dark over the weekend, meaning, sadly, no Smorgasburg. (Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.) Assuming you're able to snag some provisions and can still use your stove, this might be the weekend to reacquaint yourself with our recipes page.