When Giada Cancels, Dante Saves the Day

Not as pretty as Giada, but he cooks well.
Not as pretty as Giada, but he cooks well. Photo: Regan Communications

On Friday we told you that Giada de Laurentiis was coming to town for the North End’s annual St. Anthony’s Feast. Sadly, that didn’t happen. We hear that de Laurentiis canceled her cooking-demo plans due to Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene. Fortunately, suave North Ender Dante de Magistris was available to, um, cook up a storm instead.

Per a rep, De Magistris whipped up veal milanese and a tomato bread salad for the feast. Nebo’s Pallotta sisters also planned host a luncheon for GD and fifty pals, but they, too, managed to carry on without her.

Good thing we shared that Everyday Italian recipe with you on Friday!

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