From Gilt to Guilt, It All Comes Back to the Babka

It's not just a bloated Bundt.
It's not just a bloated Bundt. Photo: Wlodi

“Sy had never taught anyone the recipe, and she couldn’t imagine why he’d started with her. He must’ve been bewildered as well. What to make of this meshuggeneh girl who, for all her brains, couldn’t even roll out dough? And why was she so stingy with the sugar? If he had second thoughts about anointing her, though, he didn’t let on. As a teacher, Sy was unflappably patient and good-humored, and the babka (whew!) was a success.” —Lila Byock from Gilt Taste, on how the old-world, Jewish dessert kept her family together through ups, downs, and many a coffee dunk. [Gilt Taste]