No Happy Ending for Friendly’s Duo

Photo: ninnet/Flickr"

Boo hoo! Curtis and Prestley Blake, the brothers who founded Massachusetts-based Friendly’s, have landed on Time magazine’s list of top 10 family feuds. They opened the shop back in the 1930s and things went swimmingly ‘til Friendly’s honchos wanted to sell off some of the biz with the help of friendly folks at Goldman Sachs. Brother Curtis was not amused. According to the piece, Friendly’s was ultimately sold for $337 million to a private investment firm, Sun Capital Partners. Curtis told the Globe that his brother was his “best friend for 85 years. It would have been a nice story if we ended up best friends for our entire life.” Aw! Sad they got into a “Friend-Z” over something as trivial as money. [Time]