Fresh Pond Rocks a Casbah

We want a hookah.
We want a hookah.

Fresh Pond doesn’t have much in the way of good restaurants. Sure, there’s an ever-bustling Whole Foods, a Bertucci’s wedged beneath the Alewife T station, and a skinny little McDonald’s that’s very much in the shape of a bowling alley. For sit-down dining, well, Jasper White’s Summer Shack is pretty much the only game in town.

However, Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Fresh Pond will soon get another eatery, called Casbah. More intriguing still, it’ll specialize in North African and Middle Eastern fare. The restaurant will be located on New Street, a desolate little alley behind the Fresh Pond Mall.

Basha, another Middle Eastern restaurant, also calls New Street home. (Surely you’ve seen their dazzling black signage at Fresh Pond Circle.) Right now it’s not clear whether Casbah will share the space with Basha, or if it plans to take over for Basha entirely. We can’t imagine two Middle Eastern restaurants thriving behind the mall, though, so our guess is the latter. They’ll also have a large patio, although the scenery isn’t terrific; the street backs up to the mall on one side and the lovely Laundromutt grooming salon on the other.

More promisingly, BRT speculates that the owners also run Cambridge’s slinkalicious subterranean landmark Casablanca, the same place where Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick used to get trashed underage. We’ll keep you posted.

Casbah Restaurant Apparently Coming to Cambridge’s Alewife/Fresh Pond Neighborhood [BRT]