Confused Hecho en Dumbo Space Now Confidently Called AlMar

Another attempt for success at one of Dumbo's cooler venues. Photo: Gavin Thomas

Brad McDonald's upcoming, foraging-focused restaurant isn't the only new place flying into Dumbo. After a slight identity crisis (it was Hecho en Dumbo, then Dumbo General Store), a rustic makeover, and a few smart management changes — including the plucking of some Noodle Pudding people — the industrial café on Front Street has officially been relaunched as AlMar, a configuration of the owners' names. The menu features simple dishes like caprese sandwiches and olive-oil-cured tuna salads, and judging by the look of things, the locals (part stroller, part supermodel, part struggling writer) are eating it up already. We wonder if they've heard the same rumor as us ... that One Girl Cookies will be making its way under the Manhattan bridge, too?