El Gallito Opens a Curbside Dining Room

Shelter from the Storm: El Gallito
Shelter from the Storm: El Gallito Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The fleet of big yellow taco trucks known as El Gallito has been on a tear recently, with multiple locations spread across the city from Wilmington to Pasadena to Downtown to Westwood. The truck’s most prominent spot is probably the corner of LaBrea and Venice Blvd., a location that pushes us to add one of Gallito’s wonderful cabesa tacos to our dinner orders every time we load up on Leo’s pastor across the street. Two weeks back, El Gallito flipped the script here, adding an enclosed dining space with T.V. sets behind its truck, a move that seems to have vastly multiplied their customer base with speed. Nice to see this solution lifting us off of the curb and the car-hood when we eat our midnight tacos.