Drakes Bay Oyster Co. In Point Reyes Battles to Keep Its Permit

Drakes Bay Estero in morning.
Drakes Bay Estero in morning. Photo: Courtesy of Drakes Bay Oyster Co.

A Point Reyes oyster farm is running up against the expiration of their permit to fish in the waters around Drakes Estero, which had previously been granted them in 1965. The National Parks Service is currently undergoing an environmental review of Drakes Bay Oyster Company, whose lease on the land and permit to fish in the national wilderness preserve is set to expire in 2012. The company, as well as three state legislators (one of whom authored the 1965 bill that grandfathered in the company’s fishing rights), are appealing to the Department of the Interior to allow their oyster-culture operation to continue, while environmentalists are fighting to return the land to its wilderness state. The government’s decision on the future of the company’s permit will be released in September.

Former legislators back Point Reyes oyster company’s claims
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