Downtown Loses Harlem Place Cafe

Harlem Place Cafe
Harlem Place Cafe Photo: Standard Pixel via Flickr

L.A. Downtown News reports on another regrettable closing as Harlem Place Cafe (nee Lost Souls Cafe) has, at last, been swept off the stage by the Sandman after five years. Last October, Lost Souls owners Vincent Barrios and Justin Cubeb detailed their fight to stay afloat in Harlem Alley as they converted this space to Harlem Place Cafe with a new partner, telling Blog Downtown, “We’ve been struggling since we opened (Lost Souls). We had never turned a profit.” Apparently, the team’s transition to a spirit-less speakeasy didn’t take off as planned and the cafe/restaurant/performance space/art gallery is now no more. In its place, surprisesurprise, will most likely come a wine bar, with more than one parties interested in a similar concept.

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