Bright Lights, Big Garden

She probably doesn't mean tomatoes like these.
She probably doesn't mean tomatoes like these. Photo: iStockphoto

“[W]hat I like about New York is we have a tomato season and we have a broccoli season. We have a cool season for our lettuces, and we have a hot season for our peppers. We grow gorgeous garlic. There are a lot of things that we try here that we are magnificent at, and although I can’t do hazelnuts and oranges like they do in California, I also don’t have their fungal diseases. I don’t have their water issues. And I definitely don’t have their locavore snobs.” —Eagle Street Rooftop Farm’s Annie Novak, talking about why, of the eleven countries she’s farmed in, she chooses to grow plants on top of a warehouse in New York City. Guess exhaust fumes aren’t as big a problem in Greenpoint. [Awl]