David Santos ‘Parting Ways’ With Hotel Griffou

David Santos has left Hotel Griffou.
David Santos has left Hotel Griffou. Photo: Adrian Wilson

Hotel Griffou chef David Santos e-mails to say that he and the restaurant’s owners “have decided to part ways.” He explains: “The investors and owners want to take the restaurant in a different direction than I did and, rather than compromise my vision for the menu we decided it was time for me to leave and for them to tackle the changes they feel they need to make on their own.” So, another chef lost for Griffou, which has been hard-pressed to garner any good reviews for its food no matter who’s cooking. Elsewhere in the chef-shuffle-verse, Zagat has it that Nicholas Cantrel has left the equally sceney, barely five-months-old Bagatelle replacement Brasserie Beaumarchais. And this follows last week’s news that Nathan Foot has departed Northern Spy Food Co. ‘Tis the season for kitchen-hopping as things gear up for fall, we suppose. [Zagat, Eater NY]