Chefs Plug Restaurants That Are (Shockingly) Not Their Own

Some less obvious foodie favorites ...
Some less obvious foodie favorites ... Photo: Saki Bar Hagi/ Melissa Hom

Here’s a little secret: Chefs can be a bit narcissistic. So it’s nice to see them talking about food ventures that they’re actually not involved with in today’s amNewYork. When asked for their “hidden gems,” the kitchen rats have a few good answers about where they go when it’s actually not about them. Sam Talbot is into Caracas, a Venezuelan spot in the city and Rockaway; Cesare Casella craves his Vietnamese food from Nha Trang Centre; and Recette’s Jesse Schenker likes to go underground at Sake Bar Hagi. A few non-chefs piped in, too: Ruth Reichl’s first choice is Txikito, and her second is El Quinto Pino across the street, for “the finest sandwich in the city.” The ubiquitous Immaculate Infatuation bromance transpires at Post Office or Mas (farmhouse); and Gael Greene is sweet on Fiore, which she just can’t believe isn’t booming … yet. [amNewYork, print]