What to Eat at Calyer, the New New Anella Joint


The latest spot from Anella’s Blair Papagni and Josh Cohen is set to debut Monday. As you know, the couple has been busy conquering Greenpoint, recently rolling out rocker bar St. Vitus (though plans to be involved in an upcoming Tribeca restaurant have fallen through). At Calyer, the menu by former Anella chef Gabriel Moya is a collection of seasonally leaning tapas, some reflecting Moya’s Puerto Rican heritage — like the bacala mousse with potato, plantain chips, pimenton, and scotched egg.

Calyer, 92 Calyer St., at Franklin St.

Calyer Draft Menu:

Braised veal tongue, tomatillo salsa, crema fresca, pickled mustard seeds

Bacala mousse, potato, plantain chips, pimenton, scotched egg

Chicharon panzanella, romesco, beans, tomato vinaigrette

Scallop crudo, sweet potato puree, aji Amarillo, pickled red onions

Heirloom tomatoes, saba, whipped ricotta, fairytale eggplants, basil

Pan seared bluefish, salasa criolla, fried cassava

Chicken liver, capers, pickled peppercorns, brown butter crackers

Watermelon consome, coppa, cherry tomatoes, queso fresco, sherry vinegar

Crispy pigs ears, quinoa, watercress, ravigote sauce

Grilled skirt steak, eggplant caviar, chimichurri, charred scallions

Fluke tiradito, avocado, cilantro and sesame seeds


Kefir, plum jam, puffed barley

Rum cake, seared pineapple, coconut rum foam

Calyer, 92 Calyer St., at Franklin St.