Bowery Beef Will Probably Relocate to Elsewhere in Noho

Dogshit meat: Happy lunchtime!
Dogshit meat: Happy lunchtime! Photo: Courtesy Bowery Beef

It seems Bowery Beef, the possibly ill-conceived Boston roast-beef-sandwich specialist inside Bowery Poetry Club, has been closed for the last little bit. EV Grieve checked in with owner Ray LeMoine, who told her, “we may move to another location.” You’ll recall that the beefery was robbed a few times, and it seems there were also some issues getting a dinner crowd, as silence was required during Poetry Club performances. LeMoine is looking elsewhere: “We have a handful of options on Bowery and want to stay in Noho,” he told EV Grieve, and he might even try for a cultural component at the new location. No word on whether dogshit meat would move as well. [EV Grieve]